MSc 2013-2014

University of Genoa 

D.I.S.C. - Department of Surgical and Diagnostic Sciences

 Prof. Stefano Benedicenti
Dean of Endodontic, Restorative and Laser Department


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Centro Laser E-Learning


Centro 1

Genoa, February 2013.

Access to this site is restricted to include only those students enrolled into the 2013-2014 Master in Laser Dentistry (Second Level) (MSc) Course of the University of Genoa.
Using individual access username and password provided by the University, students can view the course materials, curriculum, teaching and attendance schedules, together with the opportunity to view video recordings of lectures provided by the teaching faculty.
Additional facility will include access to individual facsimile files of presentation slideshows.
On behalf of the teaching faculty and support staff, I hope that you will find the UNIGE website a useful resource to complement your studies during the Masters Course.

Warm regards

Stefano Benedicenti Firma